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Life ghost whisperer Hannah foster(Left)Drew this picture of the ghost who visited her at night when she was 2 years old.Neither she nor her mother, jodi, had seen a picture of marie elizabeth spannhake, who was wearing a white sweater and jeans when she disappeared.Cooper More on colleen: Colleen stan seven years as cameron and janice hooker sex slave has been the inspiration for numerous television shows and two books.Perfect victim was written by the prosecutor in the case.Colleen stan:The simple gifts of life is her story in her own words.New information regarding the location of her body, in the forest of shasta county, was brought to red bluff police by a local psychic two years ago.Now she been told, after all this time working with investigators, that she can finally relate her story. Ten years ago, jodi foster hopped on a train with her 2yearold daughter, hannah, and made her way from rural montana to chico.She had fond memories of this town, where she spent a summer in 1997 caring for her grandmother.With the help of a few friends, she found a nice, twobedroom apartment on parmac road and moved their modest belongings with hopes of creating a home. But within mere hours of being in the new apartment, foster got an uneasy feeling.It was as if someone was watching her, she said.Unable to put her finger on what was wrong, she pushed the feelings aside, reassuring herself that her cute, clean apartment was just fine. Something lingered, though, and before long she started having dreams, vivid accounts of strange events and places she never been.The first of these dreams took place in her new apartment complex.There was a young man, in his late teens or early 20s, with bellbottom pants and glasses.He was with someone foster couldn make out, and it felt like, in the dream, these people were stalking a girl. Another dream placed her in a meadow, with a large lava rock in front of her.She could see snowcapped mountains in http://www.bridesmaidgownsau.com/wedding-party-dresses/mother-of-the-bride-dresses.html the distance and sensed the smell of farm animals.She heard the sounds of a stream nearby and also saw a small marker that read wasn just dreams that haunted her in that apartment.Lights turned on in the middle of the night, her clocks of them read the wrong times, objects moved on their own, blinds opened and closed with no help.Exactly.What that meant, she wasn quite sure. Hannah also had visions of the girl.She called her liz and drew pictures of the guardian angel who kissed her forehead at night.The angel had darkbrown hair worn in a flip. Thought she was one of my mom friends, hannah, now 12, said during a recent interview.Only 2 at the time, she had thought the girl was real. Do you call?Foster asked.Do you call when all the lights in your home turn on in the middle of the night, or your telephone cord starts swinging like a jump rope?The police? I calledThe police once, and they thought I was crazy.Final, and most graphic, of the dreams foster had while living in the parmac road apartment was extremely detailed.She saw a girl, with darkbrown hair, in the basement of a home.A man was there with her, and foster watched as he hung the girl naked body by her hands to the ceiling.He seemed to be enjoying this, and his enjoyment only grew as he fondled the girl and whipped her, eventually shooting her in the stomach.He continued to fondle her before slitting her throat, which sent blood streaming down her body. In this dream, foster watched the man take a gold watch from the girl wrist before leaning over to bite off her nipple, both of which he then placed in a small wooden box along with a lock of her hair.He then walked upstairs, to where his wife was rocking back and forth on the couch, crying.He told her to go down and see what he would do to her if she did not listen to him.She complied, walked downstairs to where the girl still hung from the ceiling, and proceeded to clean off her body. The couple then took the body from the rafter, wrapped it in a babypowderblue blanket, and put it in the back of their small blue car in the driveway.Then they were off, driving through a town and then onto highway 44 before turning onto a dirt road that had a sign that read a17.They parked and the man got out with a shovel and dug a shallow grave.Then the couple carried the body to the grave and buried it. Jodi foster had vivid dreams of a meadow area northeast of red bluff with a stream, lava rocks and a view of the mountains.Cooper Janice hooker was clearly nervous.She had left her husband a few months back and decided it was time to talk with police about what he done her and others.She agreed, after a promise from the tehama county district attorney that she would have immunity, to tell her story. It began in 1973, when she was just 16 and impressionable.She met a nice man, or so she thought, and they fell in love.His name was cameron hooker, and they married two years later. One thing that immediately bothered janice about cameron was his desire to hurt her.He took her into the woods on multiple occasions and hung her from a tree with leather wrist straps.She didn care for the pain, but married him anyway.When the whipping got violent she declined to be a part of it anymore.But her husband still had cravings. During a shopping trip to chico on jan.They offered to give her a ride, and she hopped into their twodoor dodge colt.They stopped at her destination, at the corner of rio lindo avenue and parmac road, and janice opened the door to let the girl out.Cameron changed his mind, she said, and grabbed the girl by the wrist and pulled her back into the car.Janice said she later learned, from looking at the girl driver license, that her name was marie elizabeth spannhake. Janice memories from this evening were foggy at best when she finally told her story to red bluff police in late 1984.Transcripts from that interview show a frazzled janice, often misunderstanding questions and sometimes remembering events and then remembering them differently a few moments later.The picture she painted, however, was eerily similar to the visions foster had upon moving to chico.Some Evening Dresseshttp://www.bridesmaidgownsau.com/ of the details from that interview, to this reporter knowledge, have never been made public until now. Driving north on highway 99, cameron pulled over and took out a wooden box that he built.He put it over spannhake head and continued driving until they reached red bluff, where the couple lived.Before driving home, however, they stopped to get a bite to eat at the jolly cone on antelope boulevard. Once at their oak street home, cameron went inside, leaving the two women in the car.Spannhake was hysterical, janice said.She tried to calm her down, telling her everything would be ok.But it wouldn was like his toy, you know?Janice told police.She had stopped letting her husband whip her, so he needed another outlet. Cameron carried spannhake into the basement and hung her from hooks in the rafters.Janice stayed upstairs, on the couch, in shock. Here where the story gets muddled. At some point in the evening, janice said, cameron and spannhake were in the bathroom upstairs.He tried to cut her vocal cords but didn do it correctly, and he called to janice to hold a towel up to spannhake neck.Didn work, he told her. Then cameron took spannhake back down to the basement, where she was once again hung from the rafters.She was naked.Janice said she didn know exactly what happened while they were down there.Don want to know,She said.Cameron came up to ask for a piece of paper and a pencil.The girl wanted to say something but couldn speak, he said.He came back up with the note, which janice read.It said something along the lines of give you anything you want if you let me go.Said, did i do?She said.Spannhake was dead.He shot her at least twice in the stomach with a pellet gun was a torture thing, janice said then strangled her, he told his wife.He asked her to get a blanket so they could wrap up the body and bury it.She helped him carry spannhake body out to the car, and then they drove up to redding and east on highway 44 toward lassen park. It was snowing, janice remembered, and when cameron pulled off onto a dirt road, the ground was muddy.He got out with a shovel and dug a hole about three feet deep, and she again helped him carry the body to the grave and bury it.They trudged through the snow, she told police. They didn keep any of spannhake belongings except for the watch she been wearing.The rest they brought out to a camp area and burned in a barbecue pit.Cameron kept a watch and used it for a number of years until one day at work at diamond international lumber mill it got crushed in one of the conveyors.

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