Plus Size Wedding Dresses kissing!Was serious emotion
Liz de puydt photography Where Do You Get Bridesmaid Dresses Australia Love, love, love, tears, laughter, silliness, love, tears.Pure joy.Is what this may 1st held for this magical couple named patty and Bridesmaid Dresses Australia kevin.And, i was so blessed to have the opportunity to photograph all of this at their wedding.Meeting with them a few times before the wedding, i had seen a vivacious, playful, humor filled connection that they share so greatly.It was not until an hour before the wedding, from behind the lens, that i began to witness this deep, soul touching love they own.Well, it only grew stronger as the wedding day went on. Right as we were about to head back to the wedding site i asked them if they wanted to go beneath this big tree for a few last shots.Just felt right, spiritual or something, especially given the theme of the day was centered around nature, simple living beauty, and they were planting a tree together during their ceremony.Was very dark under there, but captured a beautiful to remember forever. Ohhh, these guys are so awesome!And joel were such a treat to photograph.To be married this summer, so in love, smiling and laughing and kissing.And kissing and Plus Size Wedding Dresses kissing!Was serious emotion flowing, so much excitement, joy radiating.A beautiful couple, inside and out.A peek at the love they share.

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